February 9, 2011

Finishing touches and problems

Last night around 11pm I realized that I had forgoten to get one more frame for my series. This morning I went out and got it, wasteing a hole hour that could have been used to finish final touches. Upon hanging the one finished peice, I came home after work to see that my cat had decided to show off by trying to get the peice down.
This image is just after catching him and telling him no. I should beable to finish everything tonight in time to hang it all tommorow. Really excited to see how everyone else did.
Till next time~


  1. Good luck with the show.
    I was amazed to see your cat. He is the spitting image of our cat, except he is male. He obviously takes a keen interest in your work.

  2. Thank you~ Show went well. Nice to see you are doing well Nigel.


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