June 9, 2010

Ink and Tea

Recently I have been playing with my two favorite things: Ink and Tea. So far I have been just been experimenting but I soon wish to utilize this in a final piece.

In addition I have been trying out different surfaces of which these two can be placed on. Canvas, paper, and cotton fabric. Are so far the ones I have played with.

In addition I hope to make notes here on the different tones each kind of tea creates as well as document my other art or rather art form through Gung Fu Cha (the way of tea or Cha Xi).

I actually picked up a new tea pot resembling an Yixing pot but made out of glass. I am about to enjoy another session of tea before heading out to see friends this evening. I will post more once once I begin my list of tones/colours that the teas I have create.



  1. You painted that? You're awesome! What else kind of painting do you do? I do Acrylic paint and Chinese paintings. :)


  2. Thank you. At the time of this post I was working with many different mediums. This one in particular is tea and Chinese ink. I would love to see the work that you do.


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