May 8, 2010

Grad Exhibition- Saturday

So this is where I have ended up. Cards are up, the works look great (although I'm wondering If I should have had matted them) and the show is coming to an end tomorrow. On the side I have continued to work on this series in my own studio. Experimenting with application and letting the ink be ink, not controllable pigment. I am hoping to put together a proper website soon and have it launched before September.
If you happen to come here after seeing the Graduate Show, I thank you for taking the time to see everyone's work and to visit this page. If you would like to see more of my work I can show you my portfolio in person or online. Ink is my current obsession but I also work in Acrylic, Oil , Graphite, Watercolour and Charcoal.
Please excuse the warning which came up before reaching this page, it is for you that I have decided to place the warning as my work tends to dip into the explicit at times.
If you have any questions I can be reached at at any time. And I will be around on Sunday to answer any questions in person. Again thank you.

Pieces shown:
"Spot" 2010
Ink on paper. 18" x 18"

"Hold" 2010
Ink on paper, 18"x 18"

"Hug" 2010
Ink on paper, 18" x 18"

"Choo" 2010
Ink on paper, 18" x 18"

"Nervous" 2010
Ink on paper, 18" x 18"

"Mine" 2010
Ink on paper, 18" x 18"

"Held" 2010
Ink on paper, 18" x 18"

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