January 14, 2014

How to Travel with tea

 Every tea drinker wants to ensure they always have their favorite tea with them at all times. Now for someone obsessed with tea, I bet that is most of us, we need more than one type.  While packing for Halifax I packed my tea first and thought of an easy way to make it where ever I am.
     In a box I packed up all the teas I thought I might want. This included a few kinds of matcha, samples from various companies and a tea cake.

    The vessel I picked out was my tumbler from the Camilla Sinensis that I got at the Ottawa Tea Festival while talking to Kevin Gascoyne. The exterior is coated in bamboo with a stainless steel inside. The infuser opens up to hold any type of loose leaf tea and screws closed.

Here are a few other options for brewing:

1- Paper Tea filters
       These are great, even for when introducing others to loose leaf tea. It's close to how a tea bag works but allows you to choose your tea. My favorite kind is by Finnum, the extra long ones are great for all teas and for a teapot.

2-  Travel gaiwan set
        Sadly, mine broke while packing, but they are super handy. They come with a small fair cup to decant your tea into and several cups so that A great site I found  in Toronto is from Tao Tea Leaf.It is great for trips .

3. Double walled travel infuser
     These babies are a fantastic way to bring tea with you, even to work. Libre is a great Canadian company that has a plastic wall on the exterior and glass on the inside. This way it keeps your hand cool while keeping the temperature inside.

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