June 2, 2012

Surprise at my door!

Thursday, I went outside to get some fresh air after watching a lot of Chinese dramas, I set up The Sorcerer and the White of Snake(白蛇传说) to load and went out the door. Upon opening it I found a box at my door which the customs label stated there was a tea cup inside. At first I thought I had forgotten about an e-bay or Yuuki-cha purchase I had made perhaps over my vacation. 
    Once I finally opened the box I came to realize this was the package from KingKoh who also sent me incense.
    This tea cup is a beautiful chawan. I am still in shock that I have this piece of art. Strangely enough I had just purchased a cast iron pot to use for chanoyu practice this very same day. Since opening it I have been starring at the bowl, picking it up and feeling the unique textures it has. 
     Koh left me a note inside of it, " I put this tea bowl in that I made as a suprise. It has a white Shino glaze with a white oak ash on the outside that turned green. The inside has crawled and stayed white. I also infuse my bowls with reiki energy. I hope you enjoy it."
 On a smaller green note says" Shinorei", which I believe is this bowls name. I am curious as to which kanji is used to write it's name. On another note, I am glad that this came when it did. I have been working on an assignment for Tea classes which I am to create a Problem-free-contemporary tea service. I choose Chanoyu to use as a basis, which I am slowly studying. The tea bowl, I am sure, will inspire such assignment. This gift made my week much better after having an Asthma attack on the way to work Tuesday, I am fine now though as I am taking various medications. I am off to grab a few things so I may work on an art piece this afternoon (after going to Tao Tea Leaf~). 
   I can not thank my friend King Koh enough for this amazeing surprise!



  1. Greetings, I'm glad you like your gifts. The name I gave that bowl I made means white light. Have you tried any of the incense yet? I hope you enjoy it. Blessings

  2. I have yet to try the incense. Perhaps tomorrow after a trip to the Pacific Mall, I will try one of them to relax. Thank you so very much! I can not express how honoured I am to have one of your bowls. It is truly a work of art.

  3. Greetings, Have you made tea in the bowl yet and have you sampled the incense yet? Any incense you have a liking of more than another? Enjoy!!! Blessings

  4. I have made tea in the bowl and it made my chanoyu practice much more special! I like the Heian Koh the most so far. I am slowly trying them when I force myself to have the time to enjoy them. Makes stressful days a lot better. Where did you get all of these wonderful incense?

  5. Greetings, I get my incense from a place in San Francisco called Kohshi that has the largest selection of Japanese incense maybe in the world. you can go to the website Japanincense.com.They ship to Canada. Kotaro and Jay who are the owners are very nice. I'm glad you are enjoying the incenses and the bowl. Many Blessings!!!


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