June 10, 2012

Business cards!

  While at Druham Pride I quickly took a picture of these before I forgot. I just adore my Tea Guild of Canada cards I got this week.
      I am debateing makeing simple cards for tea related things, that way for Tea Journey I can have the url on them.
     Art stores these days sell "trading cards" made of different materials. So I may just get a few packs of watercolour paper ones and make them all by hand. Maybe my chop will apear on them.  I do plan to get a square chop similar to my digital one on my banner.  These characters have "wu wei" and "wabi sabi", zen and Daoist terms. Wu wei I am always learning new things about. Although what it means to me is to become so proficient in something it comes easy. Practice and more practice. Wabi sabi is to see beauty in imperfection. Something we all should take to heart as nothing is perfect.
       I am going to continue to enjoy the Queer Stock show out here in Durham Region. More latter on the "Shen Nong" work!



  1. beautiful cards...and designs..thanks you share it with us.Order Business Cards.

  2. Professional and eye catching. Just as I would expect. I will use SpotUV for ALL my business needs and I will continue to promote them...!!Love it..!!

    1. Thank you, so much. I will look at the website.

    2. Hey Katherine Thank you very much...
      please go through our latest professional Embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping and Colored Edge Business Cards. I hope you like these cards also.


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