December 13, 2010

Cigars, cigarettes, cloves......?

For the past year or so I have been smokeing. Not only cigarettes but cloves but cigars that are usually flavored. I quite enjoy the taste of them and how they interact with tea when I and enjoying both. Just like right now as I write. Sipping Sumatra Highland Oolong and smokeing a clove cigarette, they just strangely go together. Clove cigarettes are called Kretek which actually originate from the same country as the Oolong.
The mind seems to focus more when you smoke , if it were not for lighting up a kretek I would not have decided to write about this at all. When I first was introduced to tea to the level I am at I stumbled across the The Mandarin`s Tea blog and found that he smoked cigars along side his tea. At first this seemed outrageous to me, as time passed I have developed respect for this practice.
I don`t have a room that is just for tea, instead I have a single room which not only fuctions as my bedroom but my tearoom, office, studio, lounge, and library. I make do, especially since I just moved to my new place. This evening is the first time I have had such a pleasurable expericence of both smokeing and drinking tea. I am a tea novice still, I have much to learn. we all learn slowly, but one thing I do wonder if if smokeing will kill my taste for tea like so many I have read beleive. Or does my eating meat etc effect this. Who knows. Personally it has not changed a thing. The one thing that has is my mood from day to day. For all I know tommorow I will not have tea when I return from work but perhaps I will have a coffee (Oh noes!).
What kinds of things do you have with your tea?


  1. As I am an avid tea drinker, I no doubt reach for a cup when I am smoking a pipe or cigar. Though I love bitterness and astringency, these qualities don't balance well with smoke. As well, I don't like to waste high grade tea when I can hardly taste it. To get to my point, I usually brew a low cost cooked pu-erh do to it's smooth and round mouth feel, as well as great earthiness. It contrasts with smoke perfectly and is bold without being harsh.

  2. I quite agree. More so now than I would back when I posted this. I am looking into quitting and using e-cigs till I can fully quit. I want my taste buds back~


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