September 28, 2010

Take Part Fundraiser

There are a couple of things I thought I'd write about today quick. On Thursday, September 30, 2010 I will be taking part in a large fundraiser put on by the alumnae of Branksome Hall entitled, "Take pART". The show will be held at Arta Gallery in the Distillery District of Toronto from 6-9pm. It's a pretty cool premise. A whole bunch of different artists were asked to create a 10" square gallery canvas in any style/subject they desired. The paintings were delivered unsigned (signed on the back only) and will hang for the one night in the gallery and will be sold for $100 each. All proceeds go towards sending kids to Branksome that would not normally be able to afford it.
It is much like Who Dun-it, which takes place in November each year. Although there is no line, cheeper tickets, and the peices are bigger for an extra 25$ (Who Dun-it peices are 75$). Quite worth the time and money.
I'm off to work on those Who Dun-it peices (due soon, dispite that they push the deadline at least once each year, best to be ready~). Good night all, hope to see you at the show.


  1. Shame I couldn't be there – a few thousand miles of ocean in the way. Was your piece painted in tea? Did you post your tea paintings someplace else?

  2. This one was the only one. I am currently working out somethings with tea in my work.


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